Thanks for all your love and support on reaching 1000 likes!

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Thanks for all your love and support on reaching 1000 likes!

We want to thank the community for helping us reach 1000 likes on Facebook!!! We are planning to focus on ongoing marketing with surveys and regular contact with seniors to bring awareness of new services we offer for their well-being. This can be done only through efficient marketing. We believe that a constant commitment to reach out to community members will increase UMAS’s goal to spread the consciousness of its services! We again thank you all for your continued support and love!


Then: Word of Mouth Marketing

Universal Metro Asian Services (UMAS) is one of the oldest and now, one of the largest senior service organizations in the Chicagoland area. The secret to UMAS’s success is excellent service and a passion for helping seniors in need. Initially, our marketing was solely done through word of mouth. For a long period, this had worked well as our organization grew solid roots in the community and became known for senior care and adult daycare.


Now: Social Media & Digital Marketing

Our goal is to reach out to the community and keep them informed on the important services we offer to better their well-being and keep them independent. We have grown through advanced technology and have switched to cloud/digital platforms and are now focusing on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, to spread awareness on vital services we offer to our seniors and the community at large. We also created WhatsApp groups with community leaders and influencers so that everyone has up-the-minute updates on news and events in the community and release our newsletter by email monthly. Read them here: Newsletters


Creating Engaging Content

We want to thank our in-house videographer, Darshan Patel, who has aided in broadcasting our services to everyone by creating amazing video content that is engaging and gets our message across.

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