Nutrition Program

Great Food, Great People, Great Times

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. Our staff and members strongly believe in this adage. We serve hot, fresh, home-cooked meals that take into account the dietary requirements and traditions of Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis.
We also help educate participants on choosing the right kind of foods that help prevent & manage diseases like diabetes and hypertension which are common in our culture. The smell of masala in the kitchen does not only entice one’s appetite, it also brings people together. Sharing a meal with a group can be the cure seniors need against feelings of social isolation. So come join us for a meal and tell that joke you know! MAFS is in its 15th year of serving hot lunches to the senior citizen population. These lunches are nutritionally balanced but more importantly they provide an opportunity for seniors to make friends and socialize to break free from isolation. These meals are freshly prepared by trained cooks under strict hygienic conditions. We provided 33,905 hot meals to the community this year from our Chicago, Niles and Roselle facilities.

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  • Golden Diners - Chicago

  • Congregate Meals - Niles, Schaumburg

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