The Benefits of In-Home Care for the Asian Elderly Population in Chicago, IL

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The Benefits of In-Home Care for the Asian Elderly Population in Chicago, IL

One of the more difficult conversations to have with your family is the shift to increased care for your elderly loved one. As your loved ones age, they may need increased levels of care in order to maintain a healthy and happy life. Although residential nursing facilities may sound like a good move, in-home elderly care has many great benefits.


Probably the best benefit of hiring a caregiver for in-home care is that your elderly loved one can stay within the comfort of their own homes. One of the largest downsides of moving seniors into residential nursing homes is that it comes with a lot of environmental change for your loved one and it can be overwhelming. Moving them to an entirely different place at the later part of their lives can be overwhelming and cause isolation, anxiety, or depression in seniors. With the use of in-home care, seniors are able to receive the level of care that they need but don’t have to leave their homes in order to do so. A caregiver can come to take care of your loved one however frequently you choose, administer the type of care that they need, and still allow for seniors to partake in the activities that they like. For example, say your loved one takes great pride in their garden that they’re growing in their backyard. They may have some concerning health issues and possibly need assistance with things like bathing, dressing, and grooming. Instead of moving them into a residential nursing home, you can hire in-home elderly care where they get the assistance that they need, while still being able to partake in the activities that bring them joy. This allows for seniors to maintain a certain level of independence while receiving the care necessary in order for them to live healthfully. This offers peace of mind for you and your family in knowing that your elderly loved one is being cared for while living the life they love.

Another great benefit of in-home care is that care is highly personalized for seniors. When you choose in-home care, you can devise a strategy with their caretaker that encompasses all of the necessary aspects that need to be implemented. Your caretaker works alongside you in bringing the personalized care that your loved one needs in order to live a healthy, happy life. For instance, let’s say, amongst other things, your elderly loved one needs assistance with medication distribution and diligence in regards to doctor’s orders. Let’s also say your elderly loved one doesn’t need any assistance with things like brushing their teeth and showering. Your caretaker can specifically aid in the aspects of life that they do need assistance with like the medication distribution department, but they can also allow your loved one to handle the aspects of life that they can manage on their own like showers and the brushing of their teeth. This allows for your loved one to maintain that level of independence and not feel as though their need for care is taking over their life.

In regards to you and your family’s peace of mind, in-home care takes some of that stress off your shoulders. As seniors age, the concern around their health and wellbeing increases. With the use of in-home care, you as their family, know that they are receiving the care they need while also maintaining the life that they’re familiar with. Especially since in-home care is so personalized, you know that their caregiver is fulfilling those specific aspects of your loved one’s life that will ensure their safety, health, and overall wellbeing. You also can find comfort in the fact that your loved one is still in the same house or location that they’ve always been and that they aren’t inundated with overwhelming amounts of change. Overall, in-home care is a win-win situation.

Like I stated above, a great perk of in-home care is that they can continue to participate in their favorite activities. Many seniors create highly routined activities that they partake in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. These activities are vital in aiding in the overall happiness and wellbeing of your loved one. With in-home care, seniors don’t have to be plucked out of everything they know and put into a new environment where all of their favorite actives might not exist. Your loved one may really love their weekly trip to the grocery store that is a three-minute walk from their home. Instead of pulling them out of their routine, your caregiver can now assist them with grocery store runs in order to ensure their safety. Or perhaps your loved one has a pet that they love very dearly and they look forward to walking them every evening. As they age, maybe you have increasing worry about their health and safety out on those walks. With in-home care, you can ensure that they still go out on those walks but this time, with a caregiver. An in-home caregiver is meant to make your loved one’s life easier, more efficient, and safe while still allowing for your loved one to do the things they love. It is imperative, especially as your loved ones get older, to allow them to have the space to do the activities that bring them joy and maintain some independence. With in-home care, you encourage those activities while also encouraging safety.

Lastly, one of the greatest benefits is that overall, your loved one’s quality of life will improve. When you hire an in-home caregiver, they efficiently handle those concerns that you outlined during planning. No one wants to see their loved one suffer or live a lackluster life, and with the help of in-home elderly care, you can ensure that they receive the care necessary for them to have a happy life. If your loved one needs assistance with cooking, bathing, grooming, and dressing, your caregiver can handle those aspects and greatly improve the quality of your loved one’s life. Caregivers have the knowledge, skills, and dedication required to handle concerns and make patient’s lives better. Especially for the Asian elderly community here in Chicago, services provided by University Metro Asian Services offer excellent in-home care that will greatly benefit your loved one as well as you. When all of your bases are covered, you as their family can sleep better at night knowing that your loved one is cared for and a responsible caregiver is handling those daily concerns. Give us a call here at Universal Metro Asian Services and find out more information about in-home care services.

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